Marion, Illinois


This position will be a support role to the Purchasing Section, whose primary responsibilities will predominantly be in completing and maintaining various purchasing documents and related records.



● Responsible for document control for LOI’s, ECI’s, parts quotations, etc. within the Purchasing Department.

● Track appropriate monthly KPI’s for ongoing supplier performance judgement.

● Distribute part design drawings received to suppliers as part specifications.

● Support quotation requests from suppliers, while also supporting supplier selection process.

● Assist with material and component parts procurement process with national and international parts suppliers.

● Issue purchase orders for mass production and trial parts.

● Assist with development and follow-up of purchase order releases based upon thirteen week forecast.

● Assist with adjusting existing purchase order releases based on demand forecast.

● Assist with Inventory Control including verification of inventory amounts for mass production and trial parts.

● Assist with maintaining SPA’s (Supplier Purchase Agreements) with suppliers.

● Assist with issuing a letter of intent (LOI) to national and international suppliers.

● Perform all duties in conformance to appropriate safety and security standards.

● Assist with any purchasing related activity or survey not otherwise listed above upon request.

● Will perform all other reasonably related tasks within the Company as required by Management.


● Basic knowledge of electronic and non-electronic parts purchasing process.

● Basic knowledge of electronic and non-electronic parts inventory control functions.

● Fundamental process knowledge.

● General physical ability.

● Excellent written communication skills.

● Excellent time management skills.

● Excellent cooperative personality.

● Excellent organizational skills.

● Advanced computer skills, with strong aptitude with Microsoft Excel. Preferred experience with Oracle (or other equivalent ERP system).

● Ability to think for the Company.

● Ability to interact well with coworkers.

● Ability to understand, follow and implement posted work rules and company procedures.

● Demonstrated passion and positive attitude towards assuming challenges and learning new products, processes, and skills.

● Ability to accept constructive criticism.

● Ability to function independently without requiring assistance from, or disturbing the work of others.